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Kill The Drive - "Apocalypse 101"

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Kill The Drive - "Apocalypse 101"

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"Heartbeats Race To Ceiling"

The opening line for Kill the Drive’s latest and greatest is probably one of the best ways to describe the oncoming barrage of crushing guitars and catchy melodies that threaten to infect, tear and rip through our eardrums – It’s angry, fast and downright disturbing.

As a follow up to their last video "Monsters in My Bed", "Apocalypse 101" continues the Israeli quartet’s habit of creating high-energy, frantic and twitchy videos that accompany an equally aggressive soundtrack.

In typical Israeli fashion, the song quickly transforms into a relentless sonic attack that easily reveals just how ridiculous things can look when you try to distance yourself from your comfort zone and gain a broader point of view.

"Apocalypse 101" seems to touch the subject of feeling like you're going slightly crazy – it follows the slow but inevitable road that starts with trying to figure out things for yourself and ends with becoming a complete and utter cynic.

Do you think you have it right? Do you think everything fits neatly into black and white? Find out after the break!

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