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American Pinup - "Creeper"

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Artist Bio:

American Pinup emerged from the suburban sprawl and unsung underground music scene of Westchester County, New York and brought along an original brand of fierce, exuberant performance that is just as wild as it is charming. The indie/punk four-piece was pegged by AMP magazine as the "voice of the new decade" and combines elements of rockabilly, surf rock, punk, pop, folk, and ska to create a fresh alternative sound. Blending the DIY ethos of the punk scene with a reverence for the melody and simplicity intrinsic to pop music, American Pinup has carved out their own niche in the world of independent music.

About The Video:

It's a hallucinatory ride through time that blends a sultry retro vibe with a wild comic book punch. We shot it in front of a green screen to give it a patched-together campy sensibility. The visuals mimic structure of the song, weaving the black & white shots in the verses with the bright contemporary shots that explode into the chorus.

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