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Hybrid Circle - "The Impossible"

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Hybrid Circle - "The Impossible"

Artist Bio:

Hybrid Circle project was born in 2010 in the city of Lanciano (Italy), starting playing Post-Prog Metal contaminated by electronic.

The debut album "Before History" (based on a sci-fi style book written by Hybrid Circle) was worldwide released in February 2012 by "Nadir Music/Buil2Kill".

After the publication, Hybrid Circle toured in Belgium, Netherland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia and also supported bands as Hypocrisy, Hatesphere, Grave and Loudblast.

Early in 2013 Hybrid Circle started to work for the EP "Science Fiction".

Between the end of 2013 and early 2014 Hybrid Circle entered in studio to record the second album called "A Matter of Faith".

In this album there is also a collaboration made by the international artist "Felix Martin".

About The Video: It's important to remain connected to the whole world life, to upgrade ourselves instead of hide ourselves in order to avoid all the challenges that life sends us because we have no escape to life bill. So, we have to face everything and make the impossible to improve.

Director Name: Tommy Antonini
Producer Name: Dead Apple Prod.

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