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The Scotch Bonnets - "Go, Adrian!"

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

The Scotch Bonnets - "Go, Adrian!"

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Artist Bio:

Punky reggae rockers from Baltimore whose infectious energy keeps the party jumping all night, The Scotch Bonnets have been bringing the heat and the good-love vibe since their debut in 2009. The crew is fearlessly lead by singer-guitarist Kristin Forbes a/k/a Lady Hatchet, whose tunes blend classic Jamaican groves with a funky fresh approach to American singer-songwriting. The Bonnets self-released their debut album 'Live Ya Life' in 2012 and dropped 'Quest' in 2014, an EP done in collaboration with HR of Bad Brains.

This Memorial Day, the Bonnets put out The District, their first 7” on Jump Up Records. They also had a song on Recutting the Crap, a Record Store Day release on Crooked Beat Records that reinterprets The Clash’s swan song, 'Cut the Crap'. The Bonnets had the privilege of recording their track at DC’s punk pantheon Inner Ear Studio with owner Don Zientera.

Who is who in the band:
Kristin Forbes a/k/a Lady Hatchet: vocals, guitar
DJ Selah: vocals, melodica
Pablo Fiasco: keys, vocals
Names Thompson: drums, vocals
Dan Breen: bass

Director Name: The Scotch Bonnets
Producer Name: The Scotch Bonnets

About the Video: Shot entirely on iPhone by friends of the band and edited by Lady Hatchet, this video was shot April 1 and 2, 2017 in Washington, DC. “Go, Adrian!” is the A-side of 'The District', the Bonnets’ 7” record released May 27, 2017 on Jump Up Records.

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